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If you would prefer to build a backyard basketball court, we can help here as well. The same materials and construction methods that are used in our tennis court construction is also used to build backyard basketball courts and Outdoor Basketball court Construction. Our courts can provide your family, children and even their friends years of enjoyment with virtually no basketball court maintenance.

1.01Work Included

This work includes furnishing and installing surfacing and striping for concrete tennis courts.

1.02Description of Systems and General Conditions

This specification shall define the Color Coating system application and striping applications for concrete tennis courts.  All work required for Sub-base construction, drainage, fencing and concrete is outlined in the specification of the American Sports Builders Association, (USTC & TBA) Type V.


1.03Contractor Pre-Qualification Requirements

a)      Contractor must have experience with similar projects, and must provide owner with a list of jobs completed within the last 5 years.

b)     Contractor must supply owner with sample of proposed product for prior approval.

c)     Contractor must be a member in good standing with the “American sports Builders Association” (United States Tennis Court and Track Builders      Association). This is to ensure that the contractor has met the requirements set forth to be able to perform this specialty work.

d)     Contractor should be licensed in the state of which the work is to be performed and entitled to practice the following classifications:  Tennis Court and Running Track facilities.

e)     Contractor must use materials that meet the guidelines and specifications for the “American sports Builders Association (United States Tennis Court and track Builders Association).


1.04Contractors Responsibility

a)     Furnish owner with an estimated start date.

b)     Start and complete project in a timely manner as specified in the contract documents.

c)     Furnishing all labor, materials, equipment and taxes to fully execute job.

d)     Furnish and maintain temporary flagging and barricades as required to protect employees and public at all times.

e)     Daily clean-up of trash and debris.

f))     Contractor must carry proper insurance.  (A 30 day cancellation notification shall apply to all policies).


1.05Insurance Requirements:

a)     Commercial General Liability /General Aggregate $ 1,000,000.

b)     Commercial Business Automobile Liability

c)     Workers’ Compensation

·Bodily injury by Accident $ 1,000,000 per accident

1.05.1  Quality Assurance

a)      Upon request from owner, contractor shall supply owner with a list of similar projects and its contacts that have been successfully completed within the last three years.  (Pictures may be required).

b)     Contractor shall provide owner with a reference letter of good standing from the material manufacturer.  



All surfacing materials and labor shall be warranted for a period of no less than one (1) year.

1.07Approved Manufacturer/Installer:

Vesco Tennis Courts, Inc.

P.O. Box 980

Slidell, LA   70459

1-800-691-VEST1-800-691-VEST FREE (8378)

(985) 882-6791 Fax                                         







2.01    Approved Materials:       

                   a)  World Class - Concrete Primer

                   b)  World Class - Patch Binder - (Latex cement additive)

                   c)   World Class - Acrylic Crack Filler

                   d)  World Class - Acrylic Resurfacer

                   e)  World Class - Plexipave - (Paint)

                    f)  World Class - Textured Line Paint

                   g)  Sand - 80-120 Mesh

                   h)  Water - Clean and Fresh




3.01 Surface Preparation

The surface to be coated must be sound, have adequate drainage and to remove any dirt, grease, dust, and or any delaminated areas. All patching must be completed before surfacing materials are applied.

3.02 Acid Etching (on new slabs only)

Concrete surface must be etched with Phosphoric or Muriatic Acid.  Acid must be mixed properly and applied with a broom to ensure proper etching.  Acid shall remain on slab until all etching is complete.  Acid shall be completely pressure washed off immediately after etching.

3.03 Flooding and Patching

Slab must be flooded to expose birdbaths (areas that hold water).  Flood slab, then allow slab to drain for one (1) hour.  Mark all birdbaths that are greater than 1/8” (nickel depth).  All birdbaths must be patched using the World Class Products Patch Binder Mix.  All areas that need patching shall be primed first.  Adequate parts of patch binder, silica sand, and Portland shall be blended together and applied for a resilient patch.  All patches shall blend into existing slab.  Some sanding may be required for blending.  Fill all cracks with approved tennis court crack filler.  Bad cracks may need to be coated with Acrylic Resurfacer before surfacing materials are applied.

3.04 Prime Coat (on new slabs)

Slab must be primed by mixing 1 part World Class Concrete Primer to 2 parts water.  Primer must be applied with a broom to ensure proper priming.  Primer should not be allowed to puddle.

3.05 Base Coat

Apply one coat of World Class Acrylic Resurfacer to improve the look and planarity of the slab, Provide a tight blemish free base, and to provide better adhesion for the paint surface.  

Acrylic Resurfacer shall be applied by method of squeegee for the purpose of filling in small pits and covering small voids.  (Slab shall be scraped between all coats to remove trash that may collect while applying).

3.06 Paint Surfacing

Apply two coats of World Class Athletic Surfacing.  Paint shall be applied by method of squeegee for the purpose of filling in small pits and covering small voids.  Allow enough time for paint coats to thoroughly dry before reapplying.  (Slab may need to be scraped before applying second coat).


3.07 Line Striping

Apply textured line paint after final surfacing coat is thoroughly dried.  Lines must be 2” in width and shall conform to the regulations set forth by the American Sports Builders Association (USTC & TBA).




4.01    Color of Courts

Standard colors are as follows:  Florida Green, Light Green, Dark Green, USTA Blue, Red, Cape Grey, Pro Purple, Sahara Sand, and Maroon.  Specialty colors can be made upon request.  Color will be chosen by owner or owner’s representative, and must be made a minimum of 72 hours before bid date.

4.02    Color Layouts and Scheme

Tennis Court color scheme shall be either solid color (one tone) or a two color (two tones) color scheme.  Color schemes shall be chosen by owner or owner’s representative, and must be made a minimum of 72 hours before bid date.




          Material Limitations

Surfacing materials shall not e applied when temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or if temperatures are above 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not apply material if slab is wet or if rain is apparent.  Do not store materials in direct sunlight.  Do not allow material to freeze.  Keep containers sealed until use.